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Significance assessor Dr Roslyn Russell visited Gerringong from 18-20 April 2016 to view the Gerringong and District Historical Society's Heritage Museum collection, and to hold discussions about the collection with the Society's Committee.

Over the course of her three-day visit, Dr Russell viewed and photographed the collection. She also held discussions with the Committee as a whole, and more informal discussions with individual members on specific aspects of the collection. Over the course of her visit she became familiar with the Museum's major themes and the objects that have been used to interpret them.

A folder of documents including the Society's Constitution and other aspects of the Museum's management was given to Dr Russell during her visit; and she was subsequently sent a copy of the Strategic Plan.

On 20 April, her final day in Gerringong, Dr Russell met with the Committee to discuss a range of preliminary impressions and recommendations.

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